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November 12th, 2010

02:10 am - Online Garage Sale/Family Visit Fund
Whelp, the house my mother and I currently rent is up for sale, and there's an interested buyer. She's coming to look at it a second time tomorrow, so we very well may need to move out soon. Soooooo, i've got a lot of stuff laying around I don't need and quite frankly don't want to take with me, so....garage sale : D The money from it will be split between helping with the possible move, and also allowing me to go spend a good part of november and december with family. Need 100$ ish for my bus ticket(s) and gas money to get me to the station, and i'm currently sitting around 60$, so at least 40$ more is needed if I wanna see family xD

Got tons of stuff, from manga, to books, figures, plushies, and video games :D More will be added over time as I pack my things and sort through them.

I'm not gunna set prices on things, just take offers and barter :3 Comment here if you're interested in something. I can estimate shipping for you, and I ship USPS flat rate whenever possible

~~~New Items since last post marked with ~~

Plushies -

Tiger - http://yfrog.com/jvtigerplushj
Purring Simba - http://yfrog.com/b9purringsimbaj

Figurines -

Nala and Simba - http://yfrog.com/nbnalaandsimbaj
Various Megaman - http://yfrog.com/ghvariousmegamanj
Various Tenchi Muyo - http://yfrog.com/0vtenchimuyop
Digimon - http://yfrog.com/g0variousdigimon1j
Pokemon - http://yfrog.com/8bpokemon1j
Monster Rancher - http://yfrog.com/51monsterrancherj
Sailor Moon, misc dalmation, Ryo-Ohki - http://yfrog.com/jymisc1fj
Inuyasha, misc, Sasuke, Pongo - http://yfrog.com/nemisc2gj
Final Fantasy X Tidus - http://yfrog.com/n8tidusgj (this guy - http://www.amazon.com/Final-Fantasy-Tidus-Action-Figure/dp/B000EMRJ3U )
Bleach Itchigo - http://yfrog.com/0gitchigoj
    Rukia - http://yfrog.com/2frukiagj
Naruto - http://yfrog.com/0ynarutohjj
  Sasuke - http://yfrog.com/2fsasukefj
  Iruka - http://yfrog.com/0nirukavj
  Gaara - http://yfrog.com/5jgaarapvj
  Haku - http://yfrog.com/5fhakuqj
  Neji - http://yfrog.com/9fnejiej
Kingdom Hearts Cloud - http://yfrog.com/70khcloudj
   Sora - http://yfrog.com/0fkhsorakj


Iguana - http://yfrog.com/79iguanaej

Manga - varying condition, but all more than readable, some dog-ears, name in front of book, etc.

Alien Nine - Volume 1
Angelic Layer - Volume 1
Aoi House - 1
Card Captor Sakura - 1
Comic Party - 1-3
Di Gi Charat - 1
Disgaea - 1
DN Angel - 1-2
Kodocha - 2, 4-8
Dragon Knights - 3-4
Dramacon - 1-3
Eerie Queerie - 2-3
Et Cetera - 1-2, 4-6
Excel Saga - 1-2
Fake - 1
FFXI Japanese and English, bought at con, its like a comic that gives a tutorial to ffxi
Flame of Recca - 7
Fruits basket - 1-5
Full Metal Panic - 1
Fushigi Yugi - 1-4
Mar - 4-12, 14-15
Gate Keepers - 1-2
Gundam - blind Target
Inuyasha - 2-3
Kane de Manga - Teaches you how to write in Japanese, pronunciations, etc
Kingom Hearts - 2-3
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - 2
Kingdom Hears 2 - 1
Last Hope - 1-2
Loveless - 1-4
Luna - 2
Man of Many Faces - 2
Megatokyo - 1
Negima - 2
One Piece - 1,3
PhD : Phantasy Degree - 1
Priest - 1
Q-Ko-Chan - 1
Ranma 1/2 - 1-2
Rave Master - 1
Record of Lodoss War - 1-2
Rising Stars of Manga - 3-4
Rune Soldier -3-4
Ruroni Kenshin - 1
Saber Marionette J - 1-2
Sailor Moon Stars - 1-2
Scryed - 4
Shaman King - 1
Slayers : Super Explosive Demon Story - 1,6-7
Slayers Special - Notorious
Slayers Special - Lesser of Two Evils
Slayers - Spellbound
Slayers Premium
Sorcerers and Secretaries - 1
Tactics - 1
The All New Tenchi Muyo - 1
No Need For Tenchi - No Need For Endings - 12
Those Who Hunt Elves - 1
Tokyopop Sneaks 2005
Tsubasa - 1-13
FullMetal Alchemist - 1-9, 11-15


FullMetal Alchemist : Conquerer of Shambala
FullMetal Alchemist : Season 2, parts 1 & 2
Cowboy  bebop - 2 (still in wrap)
Loveless - 1&2
Lupin the 3rd - Crisis in Tokyo
black belt Theatre - Kung Fu beyond The Grave - Chinese Vampire Story
World of Warcraft : The burning Crusade - behind The Scenes

~Misc/Accessories -

Holographic Pokemon Sapphire Coin - http://yfrog.com/4ypokemonsapphireholocoinj
Naruto Sound Village Headband - http://yfrog.com/emsoundheadbandj

I'll be adding more over time, so check back often x3

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January 20th, 2009

02:38 am - Away
Gyahhh, i've been gone from LJ for so long. Been busy still dealing with real life stuff like school and such.

But, i'm finally working on opening Blue Wing Studios! For those who don't know, i'm hoping to take partial fursuit, pieces, and art commissions. Still building the site at www.geocities.com/blue_wing_studios and working on finishing up current projects to get some samples up. I personally think my prices are fair, but they aren't set in stone. I may be willing to haggle if you have an incredibly simple commission. Check the studios LJ bluewingstudios.livejournal.com/ for updates.

And now to get back to work on 2 partials for AC09 x3

Current Mood: busybusy

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October 18th, 2008

05:23 pm - Update
Phew, been forever since I updated o.0 My new fursuit, new art style, AC09, etc.

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June 17th, 2008

06:53 pm - Can't wait for AC next week X3
Well, it's finally crunch time for AC! I've got a fursuit to finish cranking out before then (Got A LOT of work left), badges to make for friends, snacks and food stuffs to plan, glowsticks to buy, and hoarding munnies for gas. For anyone wondering, we'll be missing all of Thursday (Friend can't get off work/cheaper trip) so we'll prolly be arriving in the middle of Friday. We aren't staying on site (We kept forgetting to reserve, so.... >.>;;; ) so we'll be staying at the Hampton Inn & Suites around the corner.If you spot me in suit, don't be afraid to come say hi! If I get the moving jaw working on my fursuit, I may be willing to talk with ya :3 Like I said in an earlier post, I DO plan on volunteering at one point or another during the con, so keep an eye out for me then.
Current Mood: rushedrushed

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January 18th, 2008

03:37 am - Anthrocon '08
Yus, it's official, I WILL be attending anthrocon this year ^^ We didn't move fast enough, though, so we're staying at the Omni (oh well XD) I will hopefully have my Emogene Husky halfsuit done by then (I just need to put in the eyes, find fur, and fur it) I will be bringing two "fur-curious" friends along. Neither of them are furs, but i've helped them make fursonas. We'll be departing early thursday morning, and get there (hopefully) somewhere in the middle of the 'meet and greet' to pick up our badges and get settled in. Don't be afraid to say hi if ya see me X3 I LOVE meeting new furs face to face :)

ah, and on another note...I may be volunteering...Not sure yet, need to see if my two fur-curious friends would mind me volunteering and being away from 'em for a while or not *shrug* I figure if I could put in 15-20 hours, that's not too bad...'bout 7 hours a day? Shorter than my days at Wal-mart XD Much more fun, too, for sure X3

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